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Tyro broadband EFTPOS sets the benchmark

Retailers using our Point of Sale software integrated with the Tyro broadband EFTPOS solution continue to rave about the financial and operational benefits. Thanks to our smart integration and the facilities of Tyro, these retailers are making more money than if they had stuck with their old backing terminal.

We recently checked in with a group of our customers so see if they are as happy with Tyro today as they were when they first installed more than a year ago. The answer in every case is a resounding YES!.

Here is a list of the key benefits of our Tyro integrated broadband EFTPOS solution:

  • Tyro is fast. Transactions are completed and the docket printed in 4 seconds, often less.
  • Tyro is accurate. There are far fewer keystrokes and therefore fewer mistakes which can cost money.
  • Tyro has lower fees. The fees we have negotiated with Tyro are very competitive.
  • Tyro provides better customer flow. The speed and ease of integration make it easier for you to process credit card and eftpos transactions so traffic flor at the counter is better.

We use Tyro in our own retail businesses. We love it for the reasons noted above. We heartily recommend it to every retailer.


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  1. Tyro is also designed so that the customer needs very little coaching in how to use it. They also appreciate the keypad being shielded from prying eyes.


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