Tower Systems launched the first ever online training program for newsagents in 2007.  At the time our efforts were mocked by some, especially a competitor.  Fast forward to today and it is good to see that others and the noisy competitor have seen the light and are offering online training too.

Online training for users of Point of Sale software is especially useful since many in the business need good training but do not have time to leave the business to access the training.

We have learnt a lot in two and a half years and this is reflected in the quality of our training today.  It is also reflected in the broad range of topics we cover.

The best part of online training is that we can bring together a diverse group of users who would usually not meet. Networking like this, even online, is terrific for all involved.

We are pleased to have taken a pioneering role in this and delivered a pathway for others.  The benefit for us is better trained and happier users.  That’s money in the bank.