While we win some newsagency software business from newsagencies without a computer system, most of our business today comes from newsagents moving from another software package. Customer service is given as the main reason for the move. Newsagents want software which is backed by accessible and professional support, does not cost too much to run each year, is kept up to date, and is backed by business integration advice – a higher level of customer service than some software companies are used to offering.

We are proud to note that our growing market share indicates that we are winning on these key points. This year we are shifting more newsagents to Tower Systems. Some who moved were formerly rusted on (loyal) users of other software packages. We tend to win them with more relevant software and a better support experience. That we facilitate a smooth transition adds to the customer experience.

Tower Systems will not join those companies losing market share. We will ensure this by delivering excellent customer service to our newsagent customers.

Even though we are three times the size of the next biggest software company in the newsagency space, we retain a personal connection with newsagents, offering assistance beyond traditional software support.