Retailers use our Point of Sale software to reduce the cost of dead or underperforming stock in their retail businesses. In today’s tougher retail climate, dead stock is expensive. This is why more retailers are looking for their Point of Sale software to help in this area.

In our POS software, retailers have access to a suite of facilities to help them reduce the cost of dead stock. These facilities include:

  • Reporting on underperforming stock. If you know what is not performing you can do something about it.
  • Reporting on underperforming suppliers. The issue may be more one of a supplier not performing. Our Point of Sale software has tools to help retailers see if this is the case.
  • Date / Time based discounting. Using the catalogue facilities any retailer can offer slow moving stock at a discount to try and move it off the shop floor.
  • Fast seller reporting. Understanding what is moving quickly, faster than usual, can open opportunities for handling slow moving stock differently.
  • Stock write off. If everything you try fails, there is the option in the software to write the stock off. This is done in a proper way to meet accounting obligations.

Slow moving stock can be addressed. The key is to understand the problem, develop a plan and stick to it. Tower Systems Point of Sale software facilitates a professional and consistent approach to managing slow moving stock.