Following these simple steps will help retailers reduce the opportunity for and incidence of employee theft.

  1. Track sales by employees. Use the Point of Sale software to require employee codes to be entered or employee cards to be scanned for every sale.
  2. Encourage eftpos transactions. The less cash you handle the lower the opportunity for fraud.
  3. Track odd behaviour. Cancelled sales, opening the cash drawer, deleting sales – these are all things you can stop or better control using your Point of Sale software. The tighter the rules the less wriggle room available for people to abuse the business.
  4. Require change given to be entered. This enhances structure at the sales counter and this shows the business respects operational rules.
  5. Set rules on discounts. Use the software to manage business rules on who can process discounts.
  6. Balance the register.  Set a limit of what is an acceptable under or over amount for the end of shift processing.  Require employees to be accountable.  The tougher you manage this the more responsibility people take on to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Creating and adhering to structure around cash handling processes is crucial.  Employees who want / need to steal will have less opportunity if you take the steps outlined above.  Good Point of Sale software like that from Tower Systems is your best friend in helping you cut the cost of employee theft.