Tower Systems is proud to announce Newsagency of the Future, a national workshop program for newsagents.  Drawing on international research and considerable local experience.  this free workshop will share with newsagents practical ideas for building stornger and healthier newsagencies in the face of an emerging new channel around technologies such as the Apple iPad.

Presented by Mark Fletcher, this session will be the most comprehensive look at new technology ever offerd to newsagents.  There will be case studies showing what some newsagents are doing to business successful businesses in new product areas as well as an opportunity for open discussion about the challenges the cahnnel faces today.  Click here for a brochure.

Drawing on many years experience helping newsagents  and personal experience with the ipad and other enw technology, Mark Fletcher will present a compelling and value packed workshop for newsagents.

Bookings are FREE and can be made at the Tower Systems website click here.