In a review by XchangeIT of newsagent sales and returns data compliance by software vendor, we are proud to report that Tower Systems newsagents lead. A greater percentage of the Tower Newsagent customer base is compliant than the percentage achieved by any other software company for their customer base.

We continue to invest heavily in encouraging compliance. We do this through our regular free online training workshops, training videos, face to face user meetings and on site training.

Even though we knew we had achieved an excellent level of compliance we have continue to run these training opportunities. We understand and respect the value and opportunity of compliance for our customers.

As the largest software company serving newsagents it would have been easy for us to be beaten by a smaller company on the compliance stakes. Our success speaks to the commitment by our team of dedicated software developers and support personnel – indeed, the whole of the company. Their dedication to our customers is a key factor in driving another example of leadership by Tower Systems.