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Newsagents switching to Tower Systems

We are pleased to welcome more newsagents switching to our software from POS Solutions.  Users of their old DOS software look at us when considering switching to Windows and often when they get the POS Solutions support bill.

If newsagents don’t tell POS they are considering us we usually win on our merits: better software, better support and a lower total cost of ownership.  Where POS is told, we usually see them discount heavily to retain the business.  In one instance recently we were told of a discount of 80%.

The migration from POS Solutions to Tower Systems is driving our competitor to act some unusual ways.

We will continue to run the free online workshops for former POS Solutions users who have switched to our newsagency software.  Our commitment is to help former POS Solutions users and all Tower Newsagents get the most out of their software by learning how it operates.



  1. Grant,

    I was sent a link to the Not Good Enough post about POS Solutions in March. I decided to not publish it because of the issues within POS Solutions.


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