Around fifteen years ago we switched to the Delphi software development language. We made this decision based on the respect for Delphi in the software development community and after a thorough assessment of other languages available.  It is a decision we have revisited several times to ensure that it remains  right for our needs. Delphi has evolved considerably in terms of core technology and capabilities.  We remain very happy with our decision.

Today, Delphi is one of the most respected and widely used software development environments available. Over 1.7 million developers worldwide choose Delphi over other tools because it speeds development without sacrificing any programming power or control.

For the tech heads: Delphi includes a powerful and modern programming language, a fully integrated ultra-fast Windows native compiler/debugger, a visual drag-and-drop development environment for building interactive UI-oriented applications, a rich visual component framework (VCL) with more than 500 reusable classes/components, and unparalleled database and service connectivity.