Convenience store owners like our eziPass phonecard, phone recharge and gift card vending platform.  It is a key drawcard, bringing more convenience store owners to Tower Systems to evaluate our Convenience store software.

The integration between eziPass and our POS software enables fast and accurate selling of electronic voucher product with some excellent business benefits:

  • Faster selling at the counter. A phonecard or mobile phone top up can be added to a sale in seconds.
  • More accurate selling. Our software handles prices etc so that there is no double entry.
  • No theft of card stock. No matter what physical card vendors say about protection of the retailer, physical cards are open to theft and ultimate costly fraud against the retailer.
  • Reduced employee fraud. With the integration of phonecard / voucher vending within the convenience store point of sale software, the retailer is automatically provided better controls over a manual operation or an operation involving two separate processes.
  • Greater employee enjoyment. The easier a process is, the more employees will enjoy it and therefore promote it. This is our experience with the more than 1,000 retailers using our eziPass platform for vending phonecard and mobile phone recharge product.

The latest version of our software for convenience stores is proving to be appealing for the benefits around vending electronic product as well as our c-store software facilities and the ability to bolt on category tools such as magazine management.

Tower Systems, while young in the convenience store marketplace, is committed to a software enhancement program to drive our business as well as the businesses of our customers.