Some newsagents have reported being ripped off in what at first glance looks somewhat like a scam around software support fees.  The concerned newsagents have discovered that they are paying more than $3,000 a year for the same service from the same company that a nearby newsagent is paying under $2,000 for.  Yesterday, we saw a written quote from the same software company offering annual software support for the full suite of software for $600.

Newsagents should compare software support invoices among themselves.  Discovering that a neighbour is paying close to 20% of what they pay will anger some newsagents.  It may also explain why the same people always talk up software.

Tower Systems charges the same to all newsagents based on the software installed.  Our support prices have been published for all to see for many years.  We’d be happy for a comparison of our support invoices.  Such transparency is an important part of the mutual trust between our company and our customers.

What others charge for software support matters to us because sometimes software companies get blamed for the sins of their colleagues.