The jeweller software from Tower Systems is helping jewellery businesses to grow sales and improve profits in five measureable ways. This is not sale hype, it is what our customers tell us. They are thrilled at the benefits they are achieving. They are banking the results and enjoying the experience.

Here are five of the many ways our software helps jewellers:

  1. Reduced mistakes. Through workflow planning and management from the counter to the back room, our software cuts double and triple handling of information. Take an eftpos transaction – our software eliminates the need for using a separate bank terminal.
  2. More sales. Thanks to our marketing tools, our retail partners are able to target marketing to customers based on past purchases. Smart jewellers are using this for carefully targeted campaigns – with success.
  3. Greater sales efficiency. Getting existing customers to spend more is achievable thanks to facilities which drive structure around managing this in the store.
  4. Better return on investment from stock. By ordering based on real sales data and to stock levels set by the business owner or manager, the jewellery business is less like to find itself carrying too much stock. In some jewellery businesses, the saving can be as high as $30,000 in a year.
  5. Reduced theft. Thanks to robust theft prevention and theft tracking tools, jewellers can expect to lose less money as a result of theft.

Each of these ways puts money in the pocket of the business owner, easily paying for the technology investment. This is what we do – make retail businesses stronger, healthier and more profitable. The owners benefit as do employees as well a customers.

Tower Systems has been serving jewellers since 2000. Its jeweller point of sale software is being used in hundreds of jewellery businesses in Australia and pacific rim countries.