Inventory management gets easier and better thanks to the innovation in our POS (Point of Sale) software.  Using our facilities, retailers are able to manage inventory more cost effectively, freeing capital for investment elsewhere in the business.

We free capital by providing tools which the retail business can use to order stock based on accurate sales data.  We also report on the return on stock investment, return on floor space and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) vital to assessing the performance of inventory in a retail business.

Our POS software provides retailers with tools to drive better quality business decisions around inventory.  This includes comparing supplier performance, analysing the speed with which items move and the basket efficiency of items.  By providing a range of perspectives from which to assess the performance of inventory items, a retailer is able to make better decisions which lead to a healthier bank balance.

The challenge for retailers is to get engaged in profitable inventory management. It does not sound enticing yet it can be lucrative. A business without a sound inventory management strategy can find savings of between 15% and 35% right off of the shop floor by implementing principles in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software.

Our team of retail experts go beyond software training and provide practical; assistance to retailers, guiding their more valuable engagement with the technology and thereby unlocking more value for the business and the families it supports.

Put in context, inventory management is an essential retail business focus.