fast-sellers-report.jpgThe Fast Sellers Report in Tower Systems’ Point of Sale software is highly regarded by jewellers and others using this to better manage stock opportunities. Understanding when an item is moving faster than usual is important to any retail business. The information can reveal opportunities in the business which might have otherwise remained hidden.

Click on the image above to see a copy of one page from the Fast Sellers Report using sample jeweller business data.

The stock turn, average days shelf life, sales, GP, mark-up and other data for each item is most useful in analysing the performance of stock where time on the shelf is important in analysing the performance of stock within the business.

The stock turn calculation is made using industry standard formulas.

The value of the report is enhanced by listing the quantity of stock on hand, the quantity of stock received and the quantity of stock on order.

Retailers typically produce this report monthly when assessing the performance of the business. The screen through which the report is requested provides useful options for narrowing the focus of the data analysis. This is important since some businesses would otherwise see a report covering hundreds of pages.

Tower Systems developed this report by working closely with a group of retailers who relied heavily on fast Seller analysis. We have continued to enhance the report to ensure that it remains relevant and genuinely useful.

Access to the report is through the full stock control facilities module of our point of sale software.