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Pandora jewellery work pays off

Jewellers are loving the Pandora jewellery work we did to help jewellers process Pandora electronic invoices.

As a major supplier to jewellers, Pandora is an important business for us to support for our excisting customers as well as new customers.

The Tower Systems Jeweller software helps jewellers better manage their business, increase sales, improve customer service and cut mistakes.  With now more than ten years in this marketplace we have earned a position of respect among jewellers large and small.

Our drive and economies have seen robust software programs developed, setting new international jewellery retailing software standards, and a whole new level of support supplied to the industry.

With well over 300 jewellery retailers across Australia and New Zealand using our Point of Sale software, Tower Systems is committed to the jewellery retailing industry, helping jewellers do more in less time, and better.


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  1. Pandora beads

    5 July, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    I love these Pandora Style beads. They sell very well in our store.


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