Retail employees considering stealing from their employer weigh up the prospects of getting caught. If they see the business using theft management tools and other facilities in their Point of Sale software to track and cut theft then they are less likely to take the risk.

Unfortunately, for many retailers, the use of theft management tools in our retail management software only seriously starts once the business has experienced major theft.

This is why offer regular training in theft management, cover it in our newsletters and speak about it at our user meetings around the country. It is frustrating to know that retailers have access to tools which could add between 2% and 5% to their bottom line and that they will not use these tools until they suffer a considerable financial loss.

By professional and committed use of our theft management tools, retailers will cut theft – without a doubt. The theft reduction benefits alone will generate sufficient benefit in the first year of installing our system to entirely pay for it.

To protect our customers, however, we don’t talk too publicly about the specifics of theft management. Training in the tools is undertaken with confidentiality – so that the business owner has the upper hand.

Employee theft is a risk in every retail business. By treating it seriously and using the facilities like those in our Point of Sale software, retailers can expect to cut the cost of theft and achieve a healthier bottom line for the business.

If theft is discovered, we also have tools which help gather evidence for the police – we’ve done this plenty of times and will gladly help any of our customers in this situation. However, being forewarned and forearmed could avoid the need to react after the event.