I am preparing to undertake a newsagent retail sales benchmark study comparing sales for April – June 2010 against April – June 2009.

Tower Newsagents can participate by sending a Monthly Sales Comparison report: tick the box to exclude home deliveries, and tick the box for a category breakdown. Set your first date range (on the left) to April 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 and the date range of the right to one year earlier.

Once the report is on the screen, click the PDF button to save this as a PDF, go into your email software and send a copy of the PDF to me at mark@towersystems.com.au. I’ll publish the benchmark results here and elsewhere so all newsagents can benefit.

NOTE: If you are running our latest software, you can click on the BENCHMARK icon on your desktop, enter the April through June date range and have the software do the rest.  If you have not used our direct email facilities – to email customer accounts or to email Gordon and Gotch supply changes, the software will ask for some email details from you.  This takes a few seconds to setup.

As with past benchmarks, I expect to use data from between 100 and 120 newsagencies in the next week.  The results will provide an indication of sales performance year on year and give newsagents something with which to compare their businesses.