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Close to 400 newsagents participate in business building workshop

Our Newsagency of the Future workshop series has attracted close to 400 newsagent attendees.  This is a terrific response from newsagents keen to build stronger businesses as they navigate significant structural change.

We are thrilled to have had an opportunity to present this series, meet with so many newsagents and to show off the Tower Advantage TM to a broader community.

Work has already commenced on a follow up session, details of which should be announced later this month.

Tower Systems is the only supplier to newsagents offering this level of practical business training to newsagents.  Our commitment to these face to face opportunities is supplemented by our considerable investment in free online training sessions.

Our investment, like this latest training series, in the newsagency channel is another reason more newsagents use our software than all other software companies combined.

For those who attended, we have now sent out a copy of the slides and the performance data presented.


  1. As a newly prospective newsagent it was very rewarding attend the seminars. Thanks to Mark and his team for putting them on. They are very useful.

    We have bought a newsagency because we believe we can expand our business through promoting other wares to the 600 odd people who come into the store every day. Mark’s comments on basket size were very interesting.

    Whilst new forms of media might have some impact on newspaper and magazine readers’ buying habits we have a great opportunity to grow our business by transitioning people to other habitual purchase lines.

    On that point I don’t believe that new media delivered by iPad etc will have anyhere near the impact some of the pessimists are expecting.

    There are 2 key factors. The telcos (eg Telstra, Optus etc) are the deliverers of the data that these devices upload as news and information. This sector is notorious for its overcharging , poor customer service and generally shoddy business behaviour.

    All they offer is an alternate delivery method, and so far they have done a pretty pathetic job. We can and should engage them adversarily. Online newspaper subscriptions combined with mobile broadband network costs (which you need for iPad)are still not as cost effective as home delivered or outlet purchased newspapers.

    The other point is advertisers. I know from my own recent experience as a marketing director at a major corporate just how reluctant advertisers are to give up classic media. Over years they have accumulated data and knowledge bases which give them a deep undertsanding of the effectiveness of classic media. Advertisers are still very skeptical about the effectiveness of advertising in online newspapers and will not commit big budgets to it while newspapers continue to have powerful circulations.

    Sure, the new media devices are a challenge but they are not insurmountable. The world will not change from black to white overnight. In fact it will take many years for just a slight grey tone to emerge.

  2. Kevin, today I see the iPad as a wake up call to newsagents, an opportunity if you will.

    Time will only tell what the real impact will be on the channel.

    The best startegy right now is to run the newsagency as if the iPad lives up to or even surpasses the hype. This way newsagents will have stronger and more balanced businesses.

    That is a key message I was hoping to share in the workshops.

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