Our offer to help retailers research and address theft in retail is being taken up by many.  From reviewing activity files for patterns which may indicate theft to providing expert witness statements to professional investigators, we help our retail customers address the challenge of retail theft.

There has been a surge in the use of our theft related services this year, in the last quarter especially.

The ideal situation is the blocking of theft.  Our Point of Sale software provides excellent tools for achieving this.  Unfortunately, no matter what barriers are in place, an employee or customer desperate to steal will find a way which they think is undetected.

One challenge is in ensuring that we are providing advice to the right person.  We have been approached by people representing themselves as business owners seeking advice to get into the secure area of our POS software to change what could be important evidence.  This is one reason we do not publish here or elsewhere greater detail about the theft management facilities in our software.

Sooner or later, theft in retail is discovered.  Our commitment to our customers is to do everything possible to lead to early detection and a certain outcome for the business.