Tower Systems is helping retailers to use their POS Software to find spare cash in their businesses.  This is a smarter move than the more traditional approach taken by retailers of heavy discounting without proper planning.

  • Dead stock.  By easily identifying stock which has been sitting on the shelves for too long, we help retailers be more certain about what needs to be discounted. the data provided also helps guide decisions as to the discount to be offered.
  • Using just in time stocking principles.  Too often retailers carry too much stock in their back rooms.  By implementing our just in time focused recording facilities, retailers are able to  carry less stock and free capital for other uses in their businesses.
  • Driving basket efficiency.  Getting Each customer to spend more in the business improves profitability per employee contact. The comprehensive basket penetration tools in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software drive this.
  • Better roster management.  With employee costs usually accounting for between 8% and 15% of retail costs, we help retailers review revenue by time and by employee to enable appropriate cost saving decisions to be made.
  • Rent review.  We have found that by providing a landlord with accurate performance data about the business, retailers can negotiate revised lease terms.  We help our retail customers extract appropriate data and pack this in a form which is useful to landlords.

There are many ways retailers can unlock spare cash in their businesses.  Tower Systems is grateful for the opportunities of working with our customers to help them unlock this cash.