Retail jewellers often think of software for their business in the context of Point of Sale facilities, how the software can help the business at the front of the store.

There are many back office facilities which can help today’s jewellery retail business from an operational and organisational perspective, facilities which can considerably add to the profitability of the business.

One such area of considerable value to a full service jeweller business is that of repairs management.

Customers often bring in watches, rings, necklaces and other jewellery items for repair. These items need to be professionally tracked for workflow management as well as for customer service.

Good repairs management software developed specifically for jewellers will help with customer service, protecting the piece itself and with overall jeweler business management.

State of the art repairs facilities are helping jewellers (and other businesses undertaking repairs) profit more from repairs. They cut management time, reduce mistakes and make it easier to bill for each task in a repair job and thereby more completely cover the business costs with appropriate margin.

Here are some of the features you can expect to see in a jeweller repairs management facility incorporated in jeweller software:

  • Scan receipts or job card to find a repair in the system. Alternatively, quickly find repairs based on customer details.
  • Track repairs by customer.
  • Support multiple repairs per customer.
  • Accommodate multiple repairers per job.
  • Easily schedule in-house or outsource repairs.
  • Store quotes for later reference when it converts to a job.
  • Manage partial payments of an account.
  • Track repairs by repairer.
  • Track repairs by courier.
  • Automate pricing for popular repair jobs.
  • Allocate staff and repair instructions.
  • Allocate existing stock used for a repair job.
  • Print bar-coded job cards and receipts automatically.

The sophistication now available in good repairs facilities plays out in other parts of the jeweller software. It’s like the NASA mission to the moon – there are many side benefits along the way for all of jeweller customers.

Given the excellent margin for jewelery repairs work and the high cost of infrastructure for providing the service, it is appropriate and necessary to have high quality management tools in place to ensure efficiency, protection of the customer items and management of all resources and assets deployed in the task.

Repairs management software can add between 25% and 50% to the return achieved by an existing jewelery repairs operation. This is done through better workflow management, more accurate billing and more complete customer service. Jewellers can expect to win more repairs business, get the work done with fewer mistakes and to charge more for the service.

Today’s full service jeweller needs to manage every part of the business for efficiency, profit and repeat business. This is where repairs management software plays a vital part in the mission of the business.