Our homewares retail customers and sales prospects are brimming with optimism on the back of good sales results and strong forecasts leading into Christmas.

The same is true for other retailers with a strong homewares niche in their business.

We are been fortunate to participate in some good discussions over the last couple of weeks about why this particular retail channel is strong.  The Master Chef effect appears to be a key reason.  People are investing more time and money in at-home dining experiences and to do this they need and want better homewares products.

For us, homewares is one of those categories which crosses several retail channels.  There are your traditional homewares stores and then there are gift shops with a homewares range or two and newsagencies, yes newsagencies, with a homewares offer.  We are able to draw in experience from multiple channels and help our customers leverage the optimism around the homewares category.