One of the key differences between Tower Systems and other software companies serving newsagents is our engagement beyond providing newsagency management software.

Owning newsagencies ourselves separates us from every other software company and takes into deeper engagement in the newsagency channel.

This deeper engagement with newsagents have been evident for many years and is, we believe, a key reason around three times more newsagents partner with Tower Systems than our nearest competitor.

We are always looking for opportunities to leverage greater value for our newsagent customers from our newsagent community.  This is evident in the sales benchmark studies we undertake.  They are highly regarded in the newsagency channel and used by suppliers and others to guide business strategy and provide an insight into overall channel performance.

Yesterday, we announced a new and exclusive initiative to help newsagents in the area of magazine management.  We have offered Tower Newsagents the opportunity to participate in a project designed to place  issues relating to magazine distribution under the spotlight in a formal situation with a view to facilitating structural change.

We are inviting access to business data which we will collate and present to appropriate parties with the assistance of skilled professionals.

Our product is data based.  We intend to use accurate newsagent supply, return and other data to provide an up to date picture of magazine distributor performance.

Our trials over recent weeks have highlighted the challenges many newsagents face as a result of the current magazine supply model.  While our software has excellent facilities for managing magazines, these tools can only react to magazine distributor behaviour.

Our commitment to our 1,700+ Tower Newsagent customers is to use their business performance data to seek a fairer model which will see the unique magazine distribution system in Australia maintained rather than killed off by poor business practices.

Our last national study on magazine related cash flow in newsagencies was in 2005.  That led to some changes in supplier performance but not enough.

With better systems in place in newsagencies now, a much bigger tower Newsagent community, the support of some independent publishers and the assistance of some outside professionals, we will be leveraging the Tower Systems point of difference on behalf of all newsagents.

Watch this space for more news.