Our Gift Shop Software is delivering high value benefits to gift shop owners – based on feedback at the recent Melbourne Gift Fair.  Our customers tell us of benefits like:

Greater business enjoyment.  This comes from having less to worry about thanks to our Gift Shop Software taking care of many of the day to day tasks.

Happier working environment.  With sales easier to complete, customer questions easier to answer and mistakes much harder to make, it is only natural that retail employees love their jobs more working in a business using our software.

More money made from the business.  Money is a key measure of success.  Thanks to having accurate business performance data at their fingertips, gift shop owners are able to make more informed, and therefore more financially rewarding, decisions. They are also able to cut labour costs in some parts of the business.

Reduced theft.  Employee and customer theft can have a high cost to any retail business.  Facilities in our software make it easier to track theft and reduce the opportunity for theft.

More time away from the business.  Business owners who want or need time away from the business can rely on excellent facilities which enable remote monitoring and management of the business.

These are the benefits our customers talk to us about most often.  We are pleased to be delivering a solution which helps in such practical ways.