We have switched another customer from a competitor of ours by demonstrating that the cost of ownership of our Point of Sale software is considerably less than that for the competitor’s software.

The newsagent purchased the software a few years ago for thousands of dollars but was told a year or so back that they didn’t purchase the software and that a monthly licence fee is now applicable. $250 a month plus GST. It soon adds up.

Their gripe was compounded with the extra items they are told they have to pay for and the apparent high price for these items.

By switching to our Tower Systems Point of Sale software, the newsagent will be better off financially over the medium term. Of course, our view is that they will be significantly better off operationally immediately they move.

Once you have purchased software for your business you should have the option of not having to pay anything extra to make use of this. Mandatory fees should be able to be challenged – that is what we would suggest at least.