Employee theft accounts for around two thirds of all theft in a retail business based on data we have seen. Overall theft accounts for anything between three and five percent of retail sales – based on publicly available industry data.  Tower Systems helps retailers cut employee theft thanks to some excellent theft management tools in our software. 

We also help cut employee theft thanks to our FREE theft check service.  We review your business data and look for patters of behaviour which indicate that theft may be active.  The results of our research can provide you peace of mind, guide further investigation or be used by police in taking prosecution action.

Our pro bono work on tracking and cutting employee theft has saved some of our customers tens of thousands of dollars.  This is the Tower Advantage TM in action, putting money in the pocket of our customers without us putting our hands out asking for money to do this.

Retailers without a theft management strategy are at considerable risk in their businesses.  The theft tracking and reduction tools in our Tower Systems Point of Sale software can play a key role in any professional theft management program.

We have packaged our theft reduction and management advice into a one hour business management presentation and offer this to our customers and others who can bring together a group of retailers keen to work on reducing the cost of theft.