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POS Solutions newsagency customer losses

Preparations for the court case POS Solutions has brought against us are continuing.  POS has indicated that they plan to seek $2 million in compensation from us based on the number of newsagents who have switched to Tower Systems Point of Sale software from their software.  I am looking forward to see how the case plays out in court when it eventually gets there.

As I told one of the owners of POS when he and I discussed their considerable customer losses three months ago, the best way for them to address this would have been to deliver better quality software backed by better quality support.

Blaming a competitor for sales losses is like a kid blaming another kid some something which they themselves have caused to happen.

We continue to welcome newsagents switching from the POS Solutions software to our software.  We promise to work hard to make the transition as easy as possible.  We also promise friendly and professional service backed by a whole of company commitment to genuine customer care.


  1. That type of claim is just crazy. That would be like Woolies sueing Coles for lost market share based on differences in customer service and price. POS have always shown a lack of understanding when it comes to the channel. I was a user of POS and I did like the reporting mechanism. I did not enjoy the horse trading on price that they seem to constantly do. I have seen on many occasions the owners bend and change pricing structure from one customer to the next even within groups that they seem to support.

    I say good luck POS, tie up valuable court time with stupid court cases. Why not spend the same effort in gathering better systems advice for your customers. But then again that would be assuming there is a brain cell to use.

  2. it is funny you read this blog get one story read the other blokes blog and get totally the opossite .I know who i believe

  3. Clearly based upon your description their claim makes no sense which makes me think there is more to it than you say.

  4. No Robert, this is a case they started mid way through last year and the complaint relates to clients they have lost to us. The court will make a judgement about whether their claim makes any sense.

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