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Misleading claim about software ideas?

POS Solutions, a competitor in the newsagency marketplace, today published a blog piece today saying that they developed “almost two years ago” a software ideas section on their website where users can record software enhancement suggestions.  They say it is the largest software ideas section in their marketplace.

POS must be refering to the newsagency marketplace since this is where most of their customers.  As I understand it, POS has around 600 newsagents as customers, their next biggest marketplace is pharmacies where they have around half that.

So, if they are refering to the newsagency marketplace I think their blog post is misleading.

Tower Systems launched the first Software Ideas facility for newsagents (and others) on March 13, 2009.  POS announced a similar service some time after that. Their service is closer to a year old.

I do not know how many ideas POS has received their their website.  They could not know how many we have received.  Their claim of receiving more is odd, especially given that we have around three times their customers.  Maybe they have more issues with their software which need resolution.

The blog post interests me because it demonstrates the difference between our two companies.  Newsagents looking at software from both would do well to look at the software ideas facilities.  In there you may find out why many more newsagents have switched from POS to Tower than have gone the other way.


  1. Looking at the pos site their first entry was on 05/03/09 .

  2. Robert, I can’t see any post about software ideas on that date and if there were, it would most likely have been pre dated since they announced this after we launched our facility.

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