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Making money by analysing sales by time

hourly-sales.JPGGood reporting is essential is Point of Sale software, it can helpretailers make more money from thier IT invvestment. Analysing sales by time can be highly profitable for retailers as it can uncover higher margin opportunities. Assessing sales in time slices in terms of sales, revenue and average sale value you can soon see differences which occur across the trading day. Being able to further slice this data by day of week provides an even deeper insight and opens further opportunities.

This level of analysis of sales by time is invaluable to our retail customers. We see it used by them to adjust the roster to leverage specific time slice opportunities, to trim expenses and even to revisit margin based on time.

Our sales by time report is one of close to 100 reports in our software.

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  1. I’d like to see it broken down to the half hour rather than just by the hour.

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