Our customers are reporting excellent sales of Blackhawk Gift Cards with many ordering replenishment stock.  We organise this replenishment stock through our office for our customers.

Our customers enjoying the most success with the Blackhawk Gift Card follow these simple steps  offer:

  1. Place the Blackhawk stand in a high traffic location.
  2. Move the stand at least once a week.
  3. Keep the stand fully stocked.
  4. Review card sales and ask for replacement stock flow slower moving lines.
  5. Ensure that all staff are trained on offering Blackhawk Gift Cards to greeting card customers.
  6. Promote the Gift Cards on receipts, in newsletters and in any external advertising.
  7. Consider a second smaller stand for the counter with the top six or eight cards.

Our exclusive Blackhawk gift card artwork has been approved and will be available to our customers later this week.