Smart Point of Sale software can play a vital role in helping retailers free cash in their businesses … if that is what they want to achieve.

Here are some of the ways retailers are using our Point of Sale software to free cash:

  1. Eliminate dead stock.  If it is not selling it is tying up cash unnecessarily.
  2. Adjusting the roster.  Look at sales by time and trim the roster in trading periods which are consistently quiet.
  3. Supplier leverage.  By comparing supplier performance you could find ways of leveraging better deals from suppliers.
  4. Driving loyalty.  Through a well-managed loyalty program, retailers can encourage existing customers to spend more in the business.
  5. Passive marketing.  By using coupons in receipts, up-sell prompts on the Point of Sale screen, notes on accounts and other opportunities, existing customers can be guided to purchase more.
  6. Free marketing. Through email campaigns, retailers can more effectively reach out to current and recent customers based on items purchased.
  7. Better decisions.  By using accurate business data to guide business decisions rather than gut feel, the business is more likely to benefit.

These are just some of the ways our customers tell us they are using our software to improve their businesses and free cash.

We welcome opportunities of working with ur customers to access these benefits through our software.