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Helping POS Solutions users

Several newsagents using the POS Solutions software have contacted us recently with issues loading stock files which they have been unable to get resolved through POS Solutions.

This is a busy time of year for newsagents with electronic invoices and stock files with so much stock arriving for major seasons: diaries, calendars, Christmas and books.  We understand the importance of being on top of the stock file issue and achieve this through having people in the company dedicated to managing this.

The POS Solutions users who have contacted us have been unable to get a response from POS and came to us for help.

Of course, the best way for any POS Solutions newsagent to deal with this is to switch to the industry standard software from Tower Systems and enjoy the certainty that you can load supplier stock and invoice files without the need for any adjustment or modification.  All files we make available to our customers are thoroughly tested.

POS will deny that what is written here.  We know the newsagents involved an trust what they have said to us about their experiences.



  1. Mark how often do you have to deal with support calls from users of other company software? And are you able to provide the same level of service given the different systems?


  2. Aaron, maybe a few times a month. They are not calls about the software as much as help with general industry stuff relating to how the software is used. If the question is very specific about their software we explain that we can’t answer as we do not use the software.

    That said, we do use their DOS software in one of our stores where we are a payment point for a distribution newsagent. So, we do have some experience with that platform.


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