We are aware of a publisher changing product codes so that their products look like a new product and are therefore not subject to early return scrutiny. We suspect they are doing to try and reduce early returns which cut their cash flow.  We sent the advice below to all of our newsagent software customers by email early this morning.

We help newsagents and others using our system handle new products in a structured way to protect your business. If our software receives an invoice for an item which appears to be new…

  1. You will be prompted with the “Find A Stock Item Screen” as the system has been unable to locate the title.
  2. Try and FIND the item using the description and/or barcode provided. Be careful as the description may also have slightly changed. Do not just add the title as you will be creating a duplicate copy (or Parent Item) of the title. This means that any early returns history and customer order information will not be transferred to the new title.
  3. If you have can find the click on OK.
  4. If you are unable to find the title then as a last resort you can add a new title.

If you have inadvertently created 2 copies or (Parent Items) of a title then you can easily resolve this by using the change/Merge Barcodes facility located in Utility Menu in Retailer.