newspaper-sell-out-report.jpgFor years now our newsagency software has offered the Newspaper Sell Out Report, a report which lists newspaper sell outs by day.  It also lists the amount of time for each day that the store was without the newspaper listed- by showing the time of the last sale for the day and then listing the total opening hours without the title.

This report is tremendously valuable to newsagents for managing newspaper supply, especially newsagents and managers who are not in their businesses all day every day.

The Newspaper Sell Out Report is a valuable tool for publishers who want to maximise newspaper sales and understand the opportunity cost of each sell out situation.

This report is part of a suite of newsagency specific reports within our software, developed for the very specific requirements of the channel.

Running the report is very simple and safe. In a few seconds the results are listed on the screen for saving as a PDF or pronting.  Newsagents have been able to use this report to fix under supply problems and, through this, increase overall sales.