Christmas is vitally important to retailers, especially Christmas when times are tough like many retailers are finding today.  In gift shops and homewares stores, Christmas can account for between 30% and 50% of annual sales – if leveraged well.

Our Point of Sale software help our gift and homewares customers through a range of facilities which work for their respective marketplaces:

  • LayBys. You can set the terms. It’s easy to manage.
  • Gift cards. Create your own and get the sale if they customer can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Customer loyalty management. Accrue points and offer rewards for loyalty.
  • Targeted customer marketing. Based on what they have purchased from your store.
  • Better buying.  By buying stock based on accurate business data, retailers have less wastage.
  • Faster selling. By being able to cope with the Christmas rush without the need to add to staff, the business can improve profitability per dollar through the season.

Now is the time we are working with our retail customers to prepare for Christmas.  Fine tuning their operation of our software and ensuring that they are properly setup to make the most from the major retail season of the year. This is part of the Tower Systems commitment, to help retailers leverage their IT investment – long after the system is installed.