We are finding more of our Point of Sale customers using the Apple iPad, both in-store and away from the store, as a business tool. Its portability, ease of access and flexibility make it a valuable productivity tool for retailers who are on the go.

We have two iPads within Tower Systems which we use for similar purposes in our own business, for connecting back to the company as well as for connecting to our own retail stores.  It is our personal experience which helps us offer more practical assistance to our customers.

We also have retail partners using the iPad to drive sales and improve shopper engagement -inside the retail store, at the sales counter and at other secure high traffic areas, the Apple iPad can be used to draw attention to products or offers.

Disruption is an essential element of visual merchandising in retail and the iPad is appropriately disruptive. The iPad could work as a terrific disruptive influence in any retail environment – because it offers visual movement as well as sound. You could quite easily knock a display together for the iPad to promote an in-store special offer and see for yourself if it works for your type of business.

So, whether it is as a merchandising or productivity tool, the iPad is helping retailers in a range of ways.