We have a competitor in the newsagency space offering their POS software for free.  This says that neither their software nor customer service can get them over the line and that they will rely solely on price, or lack thereof, to win sales.

We have won good business recently against this competitor because we sell based on our software and our customer service.  We are taken seriously and win because of our serious approach to sales and pricing.

Businesses have costs.  It is natural and reasonable to cover these costs and shareholder margin in your pricing. This is what we do.  It is key to our excellent and growing market share.

Offering your software for free says you consider to have no value.  If you think it has no value how can your customers be expected to consider it has value?

While we are happy for the competitor to continue to offer free software, we are concerned for their customer base because any customer coming on board for nothing will eventually have to pay. The health of the overall channel is important to our future.