Some of our newsagent customers reported an error message returned from Network Services yesterday when they electronically lodged their magazine returns data.  We have escalated to matter with Network and will pass on an answer as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE: (10:37am)  Network has advised that they have discovered the problem…

The issue was that the forms where created but not sent out in VIC. They are being sent out now. We are also reviewing the Q&A that was set up for this as it should have been identified earlier. A new alert is being set up to assist.

For all forms received yesterday that were rejected at our end, we will push them through as supplementary returns today/tomorrow, it will require some time as each file needs to be manually edited and pushed through, some agents may also get duplication emails for the supps that were in those files that did make it through.

We are grateful for their prompt response on this.

UPDATE (2:10PM) Network Services has provided further information on this:

Yesterday when the Contact Centre realised that they had not sent through the forms they manually ran the process to send them through but didn’t update on the file on our side. This resulted in agents receiving the file yesterday but when they attempted to send a RTF our system couldn’t find a matching reference number as it was not updated. Therefore there is no need for you to investigate as the number were ours all along.

Even though we advertised that today is a Public Holiday for our National Help Desk, we have been working on this issue to help our customers access a resolution. We were the ones who brought it to the attention of Network in the first place.