Our catalogue software facilities are in strong demand this year as with every Christmas season.  Retailers are able to load catalogues from their suppliers and our software will manage the catalogue pricing for the run of the season.

Not all Point of Sale software programs handle catalogues – as we have seen recently when we replaced a generic POS system for a retailer.

Good catalogue software manages price, sale duration, sales tracking and other elements of the catalogue.  It will also enable multiple catalogues to run at the same time.

Price management is the most important task undertaken by catalogue software. Reverting to regular price, in an instant, at the end of a catalogue is vitally important.

Here at Tower Systems we work closely with suppliers in a range of retail channels, helping them to create catalogue files which can be easily loaded on to systems running our software.  This co-operative work saves man-hours of work in retail stores, ensures data accuracy and more closely connects the retailer to the supplier.