To help customers handle the importation of Christmas catalogues from suppliers, here is the key advice from advice sheet N22 from our website.

  1. From the Main Screen of Retailer, go to Utilities Import/Export Files ImportOfficesmart/GNS Disk.
  2. Select the catalogue that you wish toimport into. If your catalogue is not listedhere then press [Insert] on your keyboardand you can add a new one.  Enter the Catalogue name. Enter the Catalogue Start Date. Enter the Catalogue Stop Date. You can also enter the Start and Stoptimes for each day. NOTE: Use the default setting if thecatalogue is to stay on for the durationof the promotion. Click on the ‘Save’
  3. Select the appropriate Supplier.
  4. Select the Initial Department. This is usedwhen a new stock item is added.
  5. Select the Initial Category. This is usedwhen a new stock item is added. TIP: Create a Category called “Catalogue Import” then select it as your Initial
    Category. Now you can use the GroupDepartment Change Utility (See AdviceSheet G6 Department Utilities for details) to quickly and easily identify and Categorise the newly created stock items.
  6. Tick Use Pick-Up Price. Except if your using the delivery price in a GNS catalogue.
  7. Tick Prompt for Price Changes. If you wish to review cost price changes in the catalogue. NOTE: If unselected Retailer will update the cost price of stock items with the catalogue cost price.
  8. Tick Check Barcodes are Valid
  9. Click on ‘Import’
  10. Select File to Import screen will appear.Please navigate to where you have the filestored and Double Click on it.

Catalogue files loaded at our website have been tested and approved for use with our software.