A strong community connection is vital to the health of just about any retail business.  It can attract new customers, get shoppers spending more and help combat pressure on price.

Community minded shoppers who feel they are doing good for their community by supporting a retail business will be more likely to support that business over a competitor.

Thanks to the extensive customer loyalty facilities in our Point of Sale software many of our retail partners are better equipped to connect with their local community.  By offering community group loyal shopper cards, retailers using our software are able to attract more business, track this and offer a rebate to the community groups promoting their business.

This community engagement for retailers is vitally important to their businesses, the community groups they promote and the members of the community groups who access the offers available.

Our approach goes way beyond the software.  We help design and produce cards for passing out to community group members.  This better connects the retail store with the community group and for local retailers such a connection is vital to business health.

We have more details on this strategy which we are happy to share one on one with our customers.