Connecting key data from a physical retail store with an e-commerce website run by the same business is a logical step for Point of Sale software.  Such a connection enables the business to better manage stock, customers and the overall operation.

The challenges of connecting two quite different businesses and technologies are considerable, as we have found out this year.

We have developed such a connection, linking our Point of Sale software with e-commerce solutions.  We plan to release this soon, once it has undergone robust testing in-house and in the field.

The project has taken considerable time as we had to research the requirements and thoroughly fully understand the nature of data channels to various e-commerce software packages.  The result is a unique facility, something exclusive to Tower Systems.

We have deliberately not written or talked about this commercially valuable project before now to better protect our intellectual property and to retain for us the value of first mover advantage.  As we are in a position to demonstrate the new facility we’re ready to announce our innovation to the world. No one can say they have what we have already since we have not shown anyone what we have.

Our software development team is always innovating.  The direction of this work is is a mixture of internal innovation, customer encouraged innovation and innovation from the leadership of the company.  The result is better software and this is what attracts customers to us.