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Helping newsagents deal with XchangeIT issues

We have been helping users of our newsagency software navigate the challenges flowing from problems at the Network Services XchangeIT end yesterday and today.  There is still no certainty the magazine files will be delivered to newsagents in time for the biggest magazine delivery of the week, tomorrow.

Our Help Desk team is armed with the latest advice.  We remain in close contact with the folks at Network and will advise by email any updates we receive.

With more than 1,700 newsagents using our software, we have a bigger burden to bear through supplier outages like this.  We respond by ensuring that our whole company, from the top down, is focused on helping our customers through this issue.



  1. Mark , who do we call up NDC , exchangit or Tower ?
    or do we just wait and see


  2. Shaun, Network of XIT. Files should be there by now though.


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