What better Christmas gift for your retail business than POS software?  It’s the gift that keeps on giving … throughout the year.

Good POS software, like we create here at Tower Systems, helps retailers streamline their operations, reduce expensive mistakes, make better quality business decisions, cut theft and uncover genuine growth opportunities.

Give your retail business a Christmas gift of Point of Sale software from Tower Systems.

This idea was put to us yesterday by a sales prospect calling to say this is what they are considering – cutting back on Christmas cheer for customers and investing what they would have spent into our Point of Sale solution.  They say they got the idea from the Gift card we sent out last month, offering $500 off any system purchased up to December 31, 2010.  This was our Christmas gift to sales prospects.

Few POS software companies have the back end resources and commitment to help customers ensure they access the benefits promoted with their systems.  Our track record shows that we do have the resources and commitment.  We work hard to help our customers unlock the benefits we promise.  Strong word of mouth about Tower Systems is proof that our customers feel these benefits.

We are proud of the perpetual Christmas gift we are delivering with the systems we are installing in what is a very busy season for us.