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Magazine blacklist facility set to help newsagents

In the next release of our software we introduce a new way for newsagents to deal with magazines sent to their businesses which they know for sure they will not sell.

While we have offered such facilities for decades, the latest facilities have been designed to help newsagents get around some of the processes now used by magazine distributors.

Currently in beta test, newsagents using our newsagency software will have access to these new facilities in the first couple of weeks of 2011.

Cash is king in business, especially in a newsagency business and we will continue to work hard to help our 1,700+ newsagent customers better manage cash through best practice magazine management facilities.



  1. I find it interesting when you write something like this a day later the same thing appears on the POS solutions blog!


  2. Yes Steven, this has been the case for years. I wrote a tongue in cheek blog post about this last year announcing that our software now made coffee. People got what I was saying – except POS who are relying on that blog post in their legal action against us sooking about the number of newsagents who have switched to Tower. What they have written today shows them as following … again.

    Our blacklist facility is quite different to anything done in the channel before. We continue to innovate when it comes to circulation management.


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