As we serve more businesses with our nursery software / garden shop software, we are developing helpful insights into these businesses which will help with system implementations.  We are also taking away some excellent software enhancement ideas for implementation in 2011 as we expand the capabilities of our software.

Nurseries and garden shops use our software in some traditional and non-traditional ways including…

  • Inventory management.  We track plants including date related product. The software can generate orders for replenishment stock, report on performance, track shrinkage and save time in dealing with suppliers.  Our barcode labels are weather resistant – making stock tracking outdoors easier.
  • Sales.  We make selling faster, easier and more accurate.  With nurseries operating seven days a week, our sales counter handling provides business owners with peace of mind over counter operations.
  • Seasonal trade.  Through our catalogue facilities we help nurseries move stock in line with seasonal requirements.  Our facilities make it easy to move stock which may be getting close to out of season.
  • Customer loyalty and rewards.  Our loyalty marketing tools support a variety of reward mechanisms.  Customer loyalty is vital for nurseries since they can bring shoppers back as they build and maintain their much-loved gardens.
  • Business management.  Through smart reporting we are able to provide nursery owners and managers with a valuable and insightful view of the business which goes beyond the reporting found in more generic software.
  • Business building tools.  Thanks to smart software tools backed by operating advice from our team, we are able to help our nursery and garden centre customers reach into their community to attract new traffic and more sales.  Our software offers a variety of facilities for achieving this.

While there are plenty of other ways we help retailers using our software, this list outlines the key areas through which we unlock considerable value.