In keeping with the tradition of the season, we have some suggested resolutions for our customers and some resolutions of our own for this New Year’s Eve.

For retailers using our Point of Sale software and independent retailers more widely here is a wish-list of resolutions:

  1. To backup every day.
  2. To use the Point of Sale software to fully manage all inventory.
  3. To more consistently and completely use the software to reduce mistakes at the sales counter and elsewhere in the business.
  4. To use the software to streamline the business and cut labour costs.
  5. To learn how to use the software to guide better business decisions.

Here at Tower Systems we help our customers in these and other aread through our online training workshops, face to face user meetings and at other training opportunities.

Our own resolutions for 2011 are:

  1. To improve the timeliness of the provision of customer support.
  2. To improve the quality of the advice we provide.
  3. To increase the range of  training available.
  4. To enhance the value of our software for our clients through software updates.
  5. To continue to extend our market share … as we achieved in 2010.

Yes, some motherhood stuff there.  Behind the motherhood statements is our plan for 2011. We are excited by and are looking forward to the year and the opportunities we can see already.