Tower Systems is continuing its respected and valuable Newsagent Sales Benchmark studies by announcing a double study to kick off this year.

Newsagents are invited to provide sales data for two periods:

  1. December 2010 compared to December 2009.
  2. October through December 2010 compared to October through December 2009.

Newsagents using newsagency software from Tower Systems participate by producing two Monthly Sales Comparison reports covering the periods noted above – with the 2010 date on the left and the 2009 date on the right and with the category box ticket (for more detail).   Save the report as a PDF and email it to  

By ticking the category box, we get data which enables us to look at specific categories, such as women’s weeklies magazines, and compare them with overall magazine performance in newsagencies.

By analysing trends, we (individually and collectively) will be better able to plan for the future and to make good decisions for 2011.

I will publish the results here and elsewhere.