We are pleased to offer an extensive range of training videos for retailers using our Point of Sale software.  We know from download stats the popularity of these free learning resources.

Here is the current list of videos available from the online training portal of our website – 24/7.

A01 Manual Magazine Arrivals
A02 Installing Retailer Patches and Mini Updates
A03 Reprinting End Of Shift Archived Reports
A04 Scanning Magazines for Electronic Returns
A05 Add or Change Customer Delivery Orders
A06 Print a Customer Transaction Log
A07 Adding Stock Items
A08 Newspaper Stops and Starts
A09 Adding Non Arrivals
A10 Reprinting Magazine Labels
A11 Basic Point Of Sale Operations
A12 Importing Catalogue Files
A13 Creating Catalogues
A14 Add, Find or Change Departments
A15 Add, Find or Change Suppliers
A16 XchangeIT Compliance
A17 Identifying Hardware
A18 Mandarin Tower POS Introduction
A19 Public Holiday Quantities
A20 Adding Subagents and Standing Orders
A21 Customer Weekly Billing
A22 Reprinting Barcode Labels
A23 Newspaper Price Changes
A24 Monthly Sales Comparison Report
A25 Understanding the Business Analysis Report
A26 Stocktake – Preparation and Practice: What, When, Why and How.
A27 How to Better Manage Magazines in Your Newsagency
A28 How to Drive Basket Efficiency in Your Newsagency
A29 How Disruption of Print Media Will Affect Newsagents

Check back at the website regularly as we have more videos to add.