Small independent retailers can implement a Point of Sale system in their business for around ten dollars a day.

This covers hardware, software, installation, training, support and access to an extensive library of training and assistance.

For this $10 a day investment, small retailers can expect to tap into valuable benefits which will save time and money many times more than the cost of the system.

Here are some of the ways small retailers, retailers turning over $300,000 a year or less, tell us then benefit from our Point of Sale solution:

  • Fast and accurate selling. This means fewer mistakes at the register and the ability to process more sales with fewer employees.
  • More free marketing options. Thanks to great marketing tools in the software you have new ways to market to your customers – for free.
  • Easier processes. Lay-By and other transactions at the counter are easier thanks to this integrated solution.
  • Reduced theft. At the sales counter and in the store – thanks to comprehensive and easy to use theft reduction tools.
  • Lower stock investment. By stocking what is actually selling, the software guides your purchases and this will save you money.
  • Peace of mind. The software allows you to encode your business rules and through these have the business operate according to your requirements when you are not in the store.

All of these facilities and many more are in the software for small retailers which is accessible for ten dollars a day.

While there are many Point of Sale solutions out in the marketplace, few suppliers have the commitment and experience to help small retailers unlock the benefits. Tower Systems does this through a comprehensive training program face to face, online and through videos and advice sheets. We help our retail partners learn when and there they want to.

Whether you operate a small general store, newsagency, gift shop or some other type of business, talk with an expert from Tower Systems about your business needs.